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Posted by Chris Grev on OA10er @ 10:05 AM

A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher. - Luke 6:40

Who is the best teacher you had in school?

I am guessing that you could list a couple and they are in different circumstances of your life. I had a really good elementary teacher, Mrs. Miller in third grade. I also remember Mr. Nelson in High School because he told stories in history class that were funny. Lastly, how can I forget Mr. McHorney in college, He liked to watch conspiracy videos of George Bush, Bill Clinton and really any he could get his hands on and just laugh.

We remember what they taught us in that moment and it was their ability to convey knowledge that made them our favorite teacher. However, years later it is their character and who they were that really stands out. I can’t remember a single story from Mr. Nelson, but I remember his passion. I don’t know what Ms. Miller taught me, but I know she was kind to me when I was the new kid at school. Mr. McHorney almost cared more about helping out with Habitat for Humanity then he did teaching and that is memorable.

Who are you plugging into? I know the easy answer is, your kids. However, that is not your ministry, that is your job. Parenting your kids to show them Christ is what we are supposed to do (see Deuteronomy 6). What is your ministry? Where are you teaching someone to follow Christ, more importantly where are you showing your character that will stay with them?

This is the first of a 4-part ‘Be With’ series in our newsletter hope you enjoy it.

Summer Calendars are here! We would love to have your student come!

Thank you for letting me minister to your students and alongside them in reaching their friends, our community and the world for His glory.  

Scott Owens



  • We are fundraising and preparing for our mission trip to Haiti to work alongside Dan and Holly Ravenhorst (missionaries of our church). We are selling Kwik Trip gift cards, we have two RAT days coming up and we are doing a Pancake fundraiser on Father’s Day. Please come and support us.
  • Every WNL we take an offering for Moumita our sponsor child in Kolkata, India. Check out what Global Fingerprints to know more.


Upcoming Events


-      This Friday, at Owens house (1705 10th Place SW) from 7pm-9pmish. It got postponed due to rain so hopefully this week it will work.


- May 16th from 6:33pm-8:45pm but come at 6:00 for the good eats at the cookout.  


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