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Posted by Chris Grev on OA9er @ 9:01 AM

The seventy-two returned with joy, saying
“Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name!”  - Luke 10:17

Every other weekend or so we don’t have many things going on as a family during the weekend and so we end up playing about four board games back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Inevitably Carrie or I will be the biggest loser. There is never one kid that wins all the games, and many times Carrie or I will win a game or two, but one of us will end up being the person who is not even close for the majority of the games.

By the second or third game all the spirit and fight that was in you is gone and you are just wanting to see how bad this will get. Have you ever had this happen? The fun part is watching what kid wins and how excited they get, because there is nothing better than beating mom and dad in a game.

Not too long-ago Carrie and I were playing a game with most of the kids and it was an ages 8+ game, but we let our 6 year old (Mathias) and our 3 year old (Clara) play by themselves. So guess who won??

CLARA!! My three year old…REALLY!!

The joy that she had over beating us was amazing. I could have burned her dolls and ripped up her favorite outfit and it wouldn’t have mattered because she was so excited from beating mom and dad in a big kid game.

When Jesus sent out the disciples at the beginning of Luke 10, He sent them out with all authority to heal the sick and preach boldly (v.9) to bless and curse towns if they receive you well or not (v.10-11). They left Jesus with a mission, but what were their thoughts? They went on their journey commissioned, but were they confident? Many times, as a parent, I want my kids to have easy wins, good situations they can feel like they won and I can see the joy of winning on their face.

I believe all the disciples did and saw amazing things and they were more joyous than a 3-yr old beating her parents at a board game. We can see that in their response, ‘even the demons are subject’. How amazing that must have been to feel and see with your own eyes. The point is not that they felt comfortable with the next step, but that they were amazed by the commissioning and the results from His authority and what was accomplished. 

So, I have two questions for you today…

  •     Do you equip your (saints) kids with all authority for them to walk away with pure joy?
  •     What does that look like for them?

Sometimes we want our kids to walk around confident, but I think I would rather have them walking around feeling equipped.

This is part three of a newsletter series ‘Equip The Saints’

Thank you for letting me minister to your students and alongside them in reaching their friends, our community and the world for His glory.  

Scott Owens



  • We have started our fundraising and preparations for our mission trip to Haiti to work alongside Dan and Holly Ravenhorst (missionaries of our church). We will be selling Kwik Trip gift cards and Kwik Trip car wash cards to make money for the trip, please support our trip by picking one up.
  •  Every WNL we take an offering for Moumita our sponsor child in Kolkata, India. Check out what Global Fingerprints to know more.


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