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Posted by Chris Grev on OA10er @ 10:19 AM

‘So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith-that you, being rooted and grounded in love,’  -Ephesians 3:17

Dwelling is a word that I believe God has been fixing my eyes on recently. I preached a sermon a few months ago in which that was the main theme I believe God wanted me to focus on and it has continued in the following weeks. Have you ever felt that way in your own life too, when God just keeps putting things in your path for some reason? Of course you have, that is how He draws us in and to His calling for us.

Think about it…if God wanted to get your attention into focus what is the best way, the most loving way, the most successful way? It is by bringing it to you consistently and over time drawing you more and more into His purpose for you. It is not by slamming our head against the reality we need to see or hoping that we get it if we are just given time to process. God’s chosen way to lead us is when we are reminded in a loving way, calling us up to his identity for us.

Now that is not to say that God does not use tough reality if we are not seeing his plan. Psalm 23:1-2 talks about a shepherd leading sheep beside still waters and making it lie down. Shepherds prefer to lead a sheep and guide a sheep to lie down, but if the sheep won’t and it is prone to wonder then shepherds will make a sheep lie down if it keeps them from being taken by the wolf.

  • How do you learn?
  • How do you prefer God to lead you?
  • Are you showing your students that way too?

We have a father in heaven that loves and cares us so much that he draws us to dwell in Him over and over again. Do you show your students that? I encourage you to spend some time with your student and dwell with them in Christ. Talk with them in a non-agenda conversation and pray that God will lead the conversation to find what His heart is saying to them.

Thank you for letting me minister to your students and alongside them in reaching their friends, our community and the world for his glory.  

Scott Owens



  • Faith Church is excited to host Michael Anderson, who co-authored Gist: The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids. He'll be speaking about an effective, efficient and enjoyable new way to think about parenting that is most appropriate for kids ages 4 through 19. This Saturday from 9am-1pm. This is a great opportunity and we would love for you to come. Register online today.
  • We have started our fundraising and preparations for our mission trip to Haiti to work alongside Dan and Holly Ravenhorst (missionaries of our church). We will be selling Kwik Trip gift cards and Kwik Trip car wash cards to make money for the trip, please support our trip by picking one up.
  • Our Minneapolis Mission Trip is July 22-29. Middle School and High School students are invited. Check out YWAM Minneapolis for more information about what we will be doing and pray about if this is for you.  DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS THIS WEEK.
  • Every WNL we take an offering for Moumita our sponsor child in Kolkata, India. Check out what Global Fingerprints does as a whole and what the offering is for.
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