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Posted by Chris Grev on OA9er @ 9:42 AM

“For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge.” - Romans 10:2

I have two daughters.
One is almost 10 and the other is 3 years old and they are different.
Isabelle can be shy at times whereas Clara is a little firecracker.
Clara loves to help mom cook and Isabelle would rather make something herself.
Do you know what I mean?

You have two kids and they are remarkably different. It comes out so clearly when you look for it. Whenever Carrie is cooking anything Clara is right there wanting to help and Isabelle has to be asked. If she comes she would rather do it all her own way, no help. Isabelle takes some time to warm up to people and is slightly introverted and Clara would rather sit with other people in church. They are different, but they both did something that I love.

When Isabelle was around 3 yrs old she didn’t call me ‘daddy’… she called me ‘my daddy’. As a father that one difference is huge. She is mine and she was proud to say it. She would call me that when we were running around town with strangers or if we were home and it was just the two of us. Clara now being 3 years old too does the same thing. When she says that it makes a huge difference.  It is awe-inspiring to me and brings me to smile.

I also have two boys who are older than three and neither of them say “my daddy” (just to be clear, I’m not holding that against them). When Isabelle began to say it I was on a mission trip to Austria and I would call at night just to hear her call me ‘my daddy’.  Don’t get me wrong I loved having a half hour conversation with my wife about what is going on and how it is going at home, but that ‘my daddy’ carried me.  Clara will say it and smile and it reminds me that both of my daughters are mine.

When is the last time you called The Father, my daddy?  Do you struggle to see your heavenly Father as someone who is proud of you, are you proud of Him? How do you show your students to love The Father with child-like joy and zeal?

I encourage you to call Him ‘my daddy’ today. Show that to your students. They will see an example of how you show God love, what is the example you show?

Thank you for letting me minister to your students and alongside them in reaching their friends, our community and the world for His glory.  

Scott Owens

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