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Posted by Chris Grev on OA10er @ 10:41 AM

We’re back! We really never left, but you get the idea.

It is really easy to hit coast mode for these next two weeks but instead we are getting things set a great winter and spring upcoming. First off we have a Winter Summit for Middle school students. I’d love to encourage parents to look at this as an option because it’s a great chance to see your students step away for a weekend and seek Him more and what middle schooler doesn’t need that.

Also upcoming, is a Broomball Tournament on Monday, February 19th at the Packer Arena from 10am-12pm for all students and friends. We are raising money for the organization Hope for Haiti and so the more students the better.

We maybe doing some quick random things in the next couple months, like tubing and service projects, but we will let you know.

The important thing is that we want to give your students chances to use this time to connect not only with God, but his people and have a mission for others. When we look to grow we always want to do it together and towards a goal. I am hopeful that the next two months we can see our group grow in how we interact and being a family of believers. What does that look like for your family?

  • Do you have time to ask your student how school is?
  • Their time with God?
  • What their mission is?
  • How they want to change the world?

I will be changing our Parent Question emails that we send out on Wednesdays and I encourage you to seek faith building conversations with your kids.

 Thank you for letting me minister to your students and alongside them in reaching their friends, our community and the world for His glory.  

Scott Owens

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