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Posted by Chris Grev on OA10er @ 10:43 AM

Getting connected and to come to events is more important in the fall because it sets a pattern for the year. You know it is true when it comes to starting a new year, new job or losing weight or getting into a hobby… start strong and creating a habit leads to success. 

That is why we start out the year with events that we want to students to come to. I have heard from parents for years say that they wish they could of controlled the schedule of their family better. I don’t know how hard this is, but it is a struggle and now is the time when parents start to dictate what their children will and can be involved in. I encourage you to make WNL one of those things that is important to be part of. We really try in the summer to invite as many kids in and make the night very inviting and engaging.


For those of you that are on the fence, now is the time to commit. After this Wednesday the price will go up from $75 (present price) to $89. I’d love to have your high school student come and bring a friend because I know how impacting a weekend like this can be.


We started a five week study last WNL called HIS MESSAGE.  We are focusing on what Jesus said and how some things he said build our views of him. 

Thank you once again for allowing me to minister with great Alongsiders and to your child.  I enjoy doing it and look forward to a great year.

Scott Owens


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Posted by Lizzie Lindberg on OA11er @ 11:09 AM

From September to May we have around thirty Wednesday Night Live’s that are precious to us. They are time of community, worship, prayer, teaching and equipping with your students and so we look forward to them and this Wednesday is WNL.1… the building block for everything 

So what is this year going to be about? 

I like themes and so I will have a constant theme that threads all the messages together and that is the BIG RED WORDS. We are looking that the words and statements that Jesus said that really transform our faith and we are looking at them in 7 different series throughout the year. Our desire is that students will see a complete view of our Savior be focusing on the main message that He shared and our hope is that they push into reading more.

I also encourage you to encourage your student to come to EquipU this year as we look to put the BIG RED WORDS ‘into context’ by looking at the situation and circumstances when He said these things. Our WNL message and study will be the beginning of the study time, but we will continue on Sunday with EquipU. This is the goal to draw these two teaching times together.

Where you fit in…

It is my hope that the lesson doesn’t stop on Wednesday nights or Sunday and for that to happen you need to engage your student. I will commit to sending you (parents) two questions every Wednesday afternoon that will be about the message that night. I DEEPLY, DEEPLY, DEEPLY encourage to you commit to doing this. The purpose is that you can be the center of your child’s development and not any youth leader. We want to resource, encourage and coach you to do the work of discipling your student to the best of your ability. 

Thank you once again for allowing me to minister with great alongsiders and to your child. 

I enjoy doing it and look forward to a great year.


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