Faith Church counseling provides one-to-one counseling using Biblical principles. Care providers are experienced in assisting in personal growth. Our intention is to listen in order to understand, to offer Christ-centered feedback and prayer together in a quiet setting. Adults, teens and children are welcome. Contact the church to connect with a member of the Counseling Team.


We desire to promote health and wellness to all ages, both physical and spiritual, and also to share encouragement by assisting with health questions, education and referrals. The Health Team offers spiritual support in areas of caring for self and others, as well as provide community resources. Contact the church to connect with the Health Team.


This group is for individuals who have experienced the loss of a family member or a friend. GriefShare is a nationally respected ministry that provide teaching from top experts on grief and recovery. Discussions are led by facilitators who have personally experienced a loss. GriefShare is open to new attendees. Visit the GriefShare website, or contact the church. Meetings are Tuesdays | 6-8:00 pm | Main building - Room 101.



Our purpose is to give assistance and offer hope in times of need to those within or connected to our church family, demonstrating grace, not judgement - while being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to those asking for assistance. To reach the Helps Team, contact the church.


The Freedom Ministry exists for the purpose of helping individuals fully grasp the freedom that Christ offers to all who put their faith in him. Through private prayer sessions (called Freedom Appointments) minds are renewed, hearts are healed and hope is brought to individuals. Visit the National Freedom Ministries website. Contact the church to schedule an appointment.


Everyone experiences conflict in relationships. As believers in Jesus, we are called to handle conflicts differently than the rest of the world. Conflicts arise within friendships, business relationships, marriages and families. The Peacemaking Team teaches biblical conflict resolution skills to those who are seeking guidance in resolving conflict. We offer conflict coaching and mediation. Visit the Peacemaker website for more information. Contact the church to set up an appointment.