Urban Impact is a mission organization out of Castle Rock Community Church in the heart of New Orleans. The church has been reaching the children and the families in their community for over 20 years and this summer we are partnering with them to take a group of students and some adults down to show Christ's love to children in need of knowing His purpose and plan for their lives. The trip is open for all students going into 9th grade next year (as of 9/1) and 2017 graduates. The trip will cost $550 per student


John and Wendy Gerhardt have been missionaries with Urban Impact for many years and so now we have a chance to support them not just in finances and prayer, but also by walking alongside the ministry and being used by God as His hands and feet.


There are two purposes for our trip:

1. That we can share the love of Jesus to the children down there that don’t have the best home life and don’t live in the nicest community. These children live in a harsh area and they see more then they should at that age. Our hope and desire is to share our hope with them and they come to know Jesus.

2. That this trip changes our hearts. That our compassion for others would grow in leaps and bounds.


We are leaving on Friday, July 7th and coming home on Monday, July 17th with the bulk of our trip being from Sunday the 9th to Saturday the 15th being at Castle Rock Community Church and doing ministry in New Orleans. We will spending our days in devotion in the morning along with small group discussions and ministry groups as well. We work with children in the middle of the day from noon to 4pm at the church carrying out the VBS Day Camp and then after dinner we go to the local parks and have challenge circle (much like an AWANA circle) for area kids. In between those times we will be doing prayer walks, prayer ministry and street cleanups as well.


The trip is open for all students going into 9th grade next year (as of 9/1) and those graduating this spring. We will not exceed 16 students going per spots available. The trip will cost $550 per student. We will be doing at least three fundraisers for this event that should cover most of the cost but probably not all. Students going will need a $100 deposit that is non-refundable and an application filled out by Wed, March 1st. We will have 3 mission trip meetings that are required and dates will be agreed upon.


We want students praying about if this trip is for them. IF your student is called to be a part of this trip, please encourage them to go and let us know so that we can walk alongside them in every way.